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"I must say that you have put together a high quality translation. Your books provided exactly the information I was lacking to share with my classes."
Susan Nadathur, MA Author,Educator for Medical Professionals nationwide.

"I love the books and do the girls because it explains everything so clearly."
Ann Otto, Teen Pregnancy Educator and Case Manager, Kansas City, MO.

"Your book and tape gave us the tools we needed for labor and delivery in an easily understandable format. We were confident and prepared when it finally happened!"
Melissa Lucas Creasey, Medical Writer, Montara, CA

"Here is a list of 31 libraries that I think should hear about this (videos and books)."
Teresa Osburn, Head Librarian, San Diego County, CA.

"The videos have been very helpful to our Hispanic population... males were surprised that they could have such a significant role to play."
Rosemary Kratch, PHN Washington State Health Dept.

"These were real people (in the videos), easy to identify with, not orchestrated nor contrived...has broad application and credibility."
Meradith Pence, RN, Director Women and Children JMMC,Walnut Creek, CA.

"...excellent, well balanced...used in preparation for the birth of our first child...excellent refresher second time around...strongly recommend the books and videos to my OB patients."
Goldie Gross, MD, Oakland, CA.

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